Reminder: I have no idea what is on the exam. Like everyone else, I’m just speculating…

Possible Flow Analyses : Prof Jan Vitek‘s cs510 class has some interesting slides (see any similarities?) Particularly useful ones:

  • Slide 53+ : The Overall Pattern
  • Slide 63: A nice table of the analyses
  • Slide 82+: Interprocedural Analyses (100-102 are caveats)

Possible compiler optimization/analysis that might be on the midterm:

Possible Language additions:

  • Introduce “loop” primitive
  • Create overloaded function (like + : ((int * int) -> int) | ((string * string) -> string))
  • Adding OO constructs to the language (using records, maybe)
  • Call-cc

As always, please post your speculations as well. Anyone interested in group cramming studying, say this evening 8:00p in LWSN common? (214) for oh for-8096