ML-Dev Screenshot

A lot of time with SML, at least initially, will probably be spent fighting with the compiler. Specifically the cryptic compiler errors that are spit out. For those that are not fearful of IDE’s here’s a nifty plugin for eclipse that parses your SML and puts thosse infamous squigglys under the BAD parts of code. It works (hehe) and has been tested but I offer little support for the plugin. Attached is the zip file that you extract unto your eclipse/plugins dir.

The plugin creates a SML perspective and does all the nifty syntax highlighting for your sml (and sig) files. If you have smlnj installed, you can also optionally run the program from withing eclipse, or use MLton to typecheck every time you save (useful, but possibly time consuming). If there is interest, I’ll post how to do all of those.

Unlike the java editor however, it has no debugging/breakpoint support. After all, it’s only written by two people (but eclipse hackers are welcome to contribute!)

So, without further ado, here’s the link to the zip file:

And the user guide (a little older):